Another great quarter for IEEE Egypt Section

This year’s first quarter has been full of events, news and accomplishments for IEEE Egypt Section with the volunteers’ exceptional and continuous contributions. Take a look at what we have been doing the past 3 months.


IEEE Egypt Section Website Launch 

Finally! IEEE Egypt Section Website is live “”. Big thanks to Hend Ismail, Omar Rafik, Hossam Fahmy and Reem Harb for their efforts in making this website.The current version is the first one. Comments, notes and suggestions are welcomed in the contacts section:

Check this introductory video about the IEEE Egypt Section activities1dc688bb-0881-43b5-9c3b-4aa05b711bf5

IEEE New Student Chapters Formation in IAS

The second IAS (Industrial Application Society) student chapter in IEEE Egypt Section was officially approved on the 17th of March 2016 for Cairo AAST. The application of forming the chapter was considered as a role model in IEEE region 8 of the applications of all student branches and chapters.

The IAS chapter in Egypt started with only 24 members and now it has 75 members. The chapter’s main focus is empowering industry related projects to see the light. There are currently 2 active student chapters under the main IAS chapter. The first IAS student chapter was formed last October in “October High Institute” (OHI), the second was AAST & the third in IAS is also under construction for El Gezira Higher Institute of engineering and technology (EGI SB).   

The first industry competition of projects to industrial application will be held with 7 universities from Egypt: AAST Alex, AAST Cairo, MUST, EGI , OHI , Fayoum , and Nile University. The deadline for applying for the competition with the project proposal is May 1st 2016. You can contact Dr. Tamer Nassef ,the IAS chapter chair and send him your proposals on:


Winning the IEEE R8 Young Professionals Exceptional Volunteer Award

Dr. Ahmed Shalaby, EED 2015 chairman has won IEEE R8 Young Professionals Exceptional Volunteer award. After more than 10 years of volunteering in Alexandria University SB and different YP activities like EED and FC, this is indeed a well deserved award. The award was handed to  Prof. Dr. Samir Shaheen, the current IEEE Egypt Section chair on behalf of Dr. Shalaby during the 106th Region 8 annual meeting in Monaco held in March 2016.

Dr. Shaheen added that all the volunteers who participated deserve awards for their true belief in the importance of voluntary work to serve students and engineers and connecting with them to enhance creative thinking and projects’ development.

Moreover, IEEE YP chair, Hend Ismail,  commented that this award is for each volunteer who participated in different YP activities as we are all one team, who work hard  hand in hand to do our best and handover our work to others who’d  continue the great work.  Congratulations to all the volunteers in IEEE Egypt section for the well deserved award & for their efforts with many more to come in the next seasons.

NASA Space Apps organization  

The International Space Apps Challenge is a two-day hackathon where teams of technologists, scientists, designers, artists, educators, entrepreneurs,developers and students across the globe collaborate and engage with publicly available data to design innovative solutions for global challenges.
Space Apps Cairo is the local hackathon held in Cairo that participates in the International Space Apps Challenge.

It will be held for the second year in a row in Zewail City on the 23rd & 24th of April , 2016, and is joined this year by other cities in Egypt as well.

Get ready for this year’s challenges and wait for the registration to open soon!

For more details check the FB page


MIE News

MIE held the annual training to the participating teams for 3 days during February. The training sessions included business models discussions,product design and development , project management , presentation skills, workshops and discussions about the participating teams projects and how to enhance them.

Check the MIE training videomie.jpg

Future City News

This is the first year for the Egyptian Future City organizing team to attend the international competition that takes place in USA to gain more knowledge about the level of the participating teams, the  judgement methods , the management of the competition in general and how the cooperation between the two teams will take place in the future.  The visit was very successful and the organizers welcomed our FC team, and they were glad that there’s an Egyptian team that has been working on the same idea of the competition for more than 8 years; serving more than 60 schools plus it’s totally based on voluntary work .

They were also amazed by the number of volunteers participating in the competition each year to make it successful.The participating teams levels in the USA competition is very similar to the corresponding ones for the teams here in Egypt and thus can strongly compete for the prizes next year.

FC team also participated in the scientific week in Egypt. One of the main targets of FC is encouraging school students to learn about scientific research and tieing science and engineering with their applications in our daily lives.
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EED News

The EED 2016 executive team will be led by Ahmed Raouf (EED 2016 Chair), Ahmed Shalaby (EED 2016 Past Chair) Ahmed Khairy (EED 2016 Vice Chair), Maysara Gamal (EED 2016 Vice Chair), Ahmad Abdelkader (EED 2016 secretary) and Mohamed Nabil . (EED 2016 Treasurer).This year we are celebrating a very special episode of EED. It’s the 15th year in row of continuous success. We are celebrating 15 years of the biggest Arabian gathering of Engineers in different fields in the Middle East. 15 years of creative contributions of ideas and projects for the Egyptian and Arabic society. 15 years of insistence from the IEEE volunteers to present this grand event in the best possible picture. 15 years of encouragement from the industry and scientific research pioneers for the participating ideas.
Stay tuned to know more of the event’s details and how you can be a part of it this year. The team leaders leading the operational/functional teams of EED this year were announced on  March 8th 2016. With great calibers and unstoppable enthusiasm this year matching the grand opportunities and challenges ahead ; the episode this year is going to be a very different one. Wishing the best of luck to all the team leaders and their teams into an outstanding episode.


IEEE Egypt Section & IEEE Aswan SB- Upper Egypt in Action – Episode 2

The second successful episode of Upper Egypt in Action took place last Feb. The event was hosted by Aswan SB in Helnan Aswan hotel starting on the 20th of February 2016 . The idea of the event is having an exhibit of graduation projects displaying the ideas of students in Upper Egypt helping in having a better community and helping students display their work as a final product that can compete internationally. The event didn’t just target graduating students but also school students who were looking for ideas or already having their own small projects. The event was held with technical and non technical sessions by engineering specialists.

For more details check the FB event