IEEE Cairo University SB – Beyond the Theory

Believing that 85% of individuals’ success comes from their personality, good communication with others and strong leadership skills & that 15% depends on the technical skills; IEEE CUSB organized a day to allow students to bond with speakers from multinational companies to know what skills the market needs nowadays. What was new about the day was that it wasn’t a lecture like event ;but it involved communication circles between the audience and speakers. These allowed the speakers to share their experiences & the audience to ask their questions more freely. The day started with a great session by Engineer Akram Marawan: Projects Manager at P&G about how to choose your career and steps to apply, write your CV & interview skills.Then all audience had the chance to sit with professionals sharing their experiences and giving them advice about their future in multiple communication circles. Speakers from different backgrounds came to share their experience with the audience. The day ended by activities prepared by the coaching and innovation committees. The audience were divided into teams and were asked to make a project plan. All attendees were rewarded attendance certificates from IEEE CUSB.

The main speakers for the day were:

1- Hossam Ali An LTE network integration professional at Alcatel-Lucent, he also worked at different places in many countries including Mobinil-Egypt, MTN-Yemen, Etisalat-UAE, Zong-Pakistan, Vodafone-Qatar and Orange-Cameroon.

2- Eng. Mohamed AbdelMoniem. A Radio Optimization Senior Engineer at Cairo Radio Team and leading Vodafone Egypt R&D Graduation Projects.

3- Mr. Essam Sharaf.
He is a Regional Manager Egypt and Jordan at Enpact and program coordinator at Ana Masry Foundation.

4-Mr.Marwan Ahmed.A  Digital Media Specialist at Innovety.

5- Mr.Ahmed Osama. represented Egypt in WSCF and Arab forum for Alternatives. He has a great experience in training youth and qualifying them on both personal and professional levels.

Here comes the entertaining part of the day with
6- First place winner in the Faculty of Engineering Cairo University in the poetry competition: AbdElRahman Mostafa

7- Ahmed ElGhandour , A.K.A ElDa7e7 ( i.e. the one who studies a lot) ,A student at the faculty of science and a popular Youtube star who explains physics in a very simple and funny way for everyone to understand.  

The day ended by activities prepared by the coaching and innovation committees. The audience were divided into teams and were asked to make a project plan. All attendees were rewarded attendance certificates from IEEE CUSB.



IEEE Alex SB – EDM’ 16

EDM’16 was held from February 11th till February 13th at the Bibliotheca Alexandrina. In its fifth episode, EDM has extended its scope to include almost everyone interested in business, management, and startups, not only engineering students. EDM’16 hosted highly-reputed speakers from inside and outside Egypt, such as Mr. Ziad Aly, Ms. Alyaa Younis, Mr. Tim O’keefe and Mr. Richard Robinson. They gave different sessions about business management skills, startup cycles, and entrepreneurship, in addition to pitching, branding, and marketing. EDM is a competition – themed event, where the attendees form teams, work on their startup ideas and pitch them before Jury Members, where the best three teams were granted full incubations and access from co-working spaces in Alexandria.

The winning teams were:

1- Roofna

2- Mobilicano

3- Sekka Tanya


IEEE Tanta SB- Beyond Your Expectations

IEEE Tanta SB brings Mid Year Training to life back again!
Mid Year Training is one of the favorite events for IEEE Tanta SB. It is a training which is held at the mid year vacation for students to present many benefits for them in Technical, non-technical approaches or both. It was organized for the first time in 2008 and organized again in 2009 and 2012. In 2013, it was organized not only by IEEE Tanta SB but also by another two engineering societies in Tanta University. This year, IEEE Tanta SB has decided to bring it back to life with a new slogan which was “Beyond Your Expectations”.  It is considered as a technical camp which has focused on 6 engineering tracks: Robotics & Automation, Internet of Things, Software Development, Network, Mechanical Engineering and AutoCAD Training. It had more than 90 sessions and practical workshops which is attended by approximately 300 attendees and facilitated by more than 10 instructors. Mid Year Training 2016 was organized by 60 volunteers for 5 days (from 6 Feb. to 10 Feb.), sponsored by 3 sponsors: ITIDA, El Nekhely Electronics Mall and YAT Learning Centers and hosted by Tanta Higher Institute of Engineering and Technology. It is worth mentioning that Eng.Hend Ismail – IEEE Young Professionals Egypt Chair – has honored IEEE Tanta SB by her attendance and meeting with IEEE Tanta SB and Eng.Mostafa Zain-Eldin – IEEE Young Professionals Egypt Social Activities Coordinator –  has presented his word in Mid Year Training closing ceremony.

FB Link:
Closing Video:



IEEE RAS Helwan Student Chapter- Under Construction Competition

The Under Construction competition was organized by IEEE RAS(Robotics and Automation Society) Helwan student chapter & hosted by IEEE BUE SB on the 13th of March.This competition will be between seven universities BUE,GUC, PUA, SVU, MSA, Helwan and Fayoum. The academic sponsor of the event was Leoni , and it was supported by EG Robotics. Each team consisted of 5-8 members. The task of each team was to organize a set of blocks in a specific shape in about 4 minutes using both a manual and an automatic robot.  The winning team called (101) and technical support team were on air with MBC Masr Channel for their work on March 16th .

Check the FB page & for more details check the event


IEEE MUST SB Startup-Mania Episode 2

One of the successful annual Mega events held by IEEE MUST SB is Startup Mania was held for the second year on the 10th ,11th  and 12th of  February 2016 at the Conference hall at the Information Technology Institute (ITI) Smart Village. The event was about the power of Entrepreneurship in the Community under the Slogan of “Diversity towards a Productive Community”. There were 15 teams of entrepreneurs who looked for a problem and how to solve it through a product. The first and second place winning teams got an incubation support worth 15K EGP each. Also for other teams IEEE MUST will support the development of the two teams for a year.

For more details check the event


IEEE Technical Activities

IEEE Technical Activities’ mission is to foster the development and facilitate the exchange of scientific and technological knowledge that benefits members, the profession, and humanity. It comprises 39 IEEE Societies, six IEEE technical Councils, seven IEEE technical communities, and the Technical Activities Board (TAB).
More Details

It’s been a great year! Thanks for being a part of it!

We are celebrating our achievements this year & looking forward to even a greater year! Check out the major milestones in 2015 across the Egypt Section  & the major events below.

Happy New year, 2016! 



  • LYC’15  was hosted by IEEE AAST Alex
    Leading Your Career, Leading Your Society is a leading 3-day annual conference organized by IEEE AAST Alex SB; the conference has won two IEEE Darrel Chong Awards due to its rich technical and non-technical sessions and workshops given by prominent speakers and instructors.
  • Future City 2015 … Start of Registration Phase
  • IEEE Alex SB – EDM’15
    Integrating Engineers by Management “∫Edm” is an initiative to integrate young engineers with adequate management knowledge in order to be more effective and efficient in their professional industrial or entrepreneurial work

         ∫Edm is a 3-day event that consists of several workshops that are given by business experienced speakers to develop the attendees’ business background and to teach them several business tactics that help them to have successful, one of a kind and profitable business. On Edm participants get to work in teams on some technical workshops to initiate and lead a successful start-up. This year, Edm’15 has added a 1-day pre-event just before Edm’s 3 days mainly to brainstorm with teams on applicable ideas for start-ups with the help of professional instructors.
Edm on its 4th episode has continued with the same vision focusing on how to train young engineers to bring these startups to life.
EDM’15 was held from January 28th till January 30th, 2015.



  • IEEE Egypt Section & Vodafone Egypt | The 4G Started with 1G
    In the past 10 years the way that everybody communicates has just exploded, more and more date services and applications are moving to the cloud. Today, Communication enters our daily lives in so many different ways that it is very easy to overlook the multitude of its facets. The telephones in our hands, the radios and televisions in our living rooms, the computer terminals with access to the internet in our homes. IEEE Egypt Section in cooperation with Vodafone Egypt gladly announces this technical event in communication engineering “The 4G started with 1G”. For more info, check this link
  • IEEE MUSB – Line follower advanced
  • YP Egypt New Leaders Announcement
  • Future City …. Teams Training with Mentors “1st Phase in FC Journey”


  • National RC Race Competition was hosted by IEEE GUC 
  • IEEE MUST – Skill Fest 15
  • INNOVEST was hosted by IEEE BUE 
  • IEEE CUSB & IEEE GUC – Egyptian Student Branches Congress 2015 – Cairo, Egypt (ESBC)
    ESBC: Egypt Section students Branches Conference on the ( 12th , 13th and 14th of March,2015 ) The event was organized by IEEE CUSB and IEEE GUCSB  together.  The event was mainly held to connect all IEEE volunteers in from different student branches all over Egypt section, to share their experiences and do some activities.The event took part in three days; the first day was a Welcome party where all volunteers had the chance to meet Dr. Ahmed Darwish (Egypt section past-Chairman) , Engineer Khaled Mokhtar, Engineer Mohamed Amin and a list of other speakers. Check the event’s video
  • IEEE Young Professionals Egypt as Community Partner for Cairo Mini Maker Faire!


  • IEE Egypt Section Co-Organizer in Cairo NASA Space Apps Competition
    The International Space Apps Challenge is a two-day hackathon where teams of technologists, scientists, designers, artists, educators, entrepreneurs, developers and students across the globe collaborate and engage with publicly available data to design innovative solutions for global challenges. This year it took place in Egypt. One of the biggest events Co-organized by the section is the Cairo Nasa Space Apps Competition. More than 200 Participants; 55 Teams; 40 Mentors; 15 Judges; 10 Sponsors and 50 Volunteers!
  • Upper Egypt in Action was hosted by IEEE Aswan

    IEEE upper Egypt in Action is the first of its kind event in upper Egypt to link innovative graduation projects ideas to be incubated by companies in the capital Cairo, the starting point of small startups. Winning teams got the chance to participate in EED and and one of them won a special prize in EED competition.

  • IEEE Innovation Career Solutions was hosted by IEEE HTI’s
  • IEEE MUST – Zee-Festival with Nile University 
  • IEEE MUSB – Innovation day 4
    It has been held in the faculty of Engineering, Minia University, for the past four years with changes from one year to another according to the leaders vision. Innovation day is an annual carefully chosen collection of activities targeting Engineering students and those who are interested in technology and new inventions, seeking to help students to enhance their abilities, knowledge and sense of innovation Visitors find the opportunity to watch new projects with new ideas and modern technologies, and interact with VIPs and company representatives. Some of the activities are The Project Fair, talks, Crazy Idea Competition for secondary school students also it may include some robotic competitions.

  • IEEE NU with NU : To Boldly Go: The Experience & Majesty of Space

    On 29th of April, IEEE NUSB collaborated with NU entity in hosting the talk of NASA Astronaut: Dr. Mary Weber. Around 400 to 500 attendees were present to listen to Dr. Mary Weber’s talk  at Nile University Campus
  • MIE 2015 … The Launching of the 10th Episode


  • IEEE RAS Egypt Section Chapter – Chapter of the Year Award
  • Career Insider 1.0 was hosted by IEEE Mansoura
  • EED 2015 … The launching of the projects’ registration
  • MIE 2015 … Deadline for Projects Registration



  • Celebrating our outstanding Student Branches and their Counselors:
  • IEEE AlexSB – Website Contest First Place (Region 8)
  • IEEE Alex SB – Just Graduated “JG’15
    Just Graduated is a 3-day extensive series of talks and workshops.The main theme of the event is to raise the students’ awareness of the challenges they may face after graduation and to prepare them to pass any of these challenges successfully. During the three days of Just Graduated, the attendees learn a lot of skills that they will frequently use in their career life such as acquiring interview skills, knowing how to professionally write a CV, methods of hunting a job and finally answering any inquiry they might have concerning their future career life. They also get to know how to hunt a job and the minimum qualifications that they should have before applying for any job. They can submit questions that they may have concerning their career life, How to start it , What obstacles they may face , And they will be all answered by a professional instructor. They learn the steps of writing a professional CV and how to highlight their strength points in it, as well. There is a workshop where they write a flawless CV. They also learn how to pass any interview even in multinational companies and they will know the HR basics needed in order to do so. In JG’15, There was a workshop where a real Interview simulation took place. Just Graduated’15 was held from July 18th till July 20th, 2015.



  • IEEE Egypt Section 2015 Elections
  • IEEE Egypt Section Awards In 2015

IEEE Egypt section has been a leader in its activities throughout the years and thus deserving to win multiple awards thanks to the hard work of the Student branches, counselors  & Young Professionals. Check this link.

  • IEEE Tanta  – Push Yourself 2015
    Push Yourself’15 was held at Agricultural Professions Syndicate on 25 and 27 August 2015 and was attended by approximately 200 attendees from different colleges and universities. There were about 40 competitors within 11 teams presenting their projects in MIU #7 finals in fields (civil engineering – CS – Robotics – Control Engineering – Renewable Energy – Biomedical Engineering – Chemical Engineering) judged by a panel of 12 judges including both technical and presentation judge. First three places were awarded and also best prototype and best presentation. It also has 14 sessions, activities and discussions which support the slogan “Inside…Out” like: The maze, The child who controls your life, Look deep inside,……etc with different 9 speakers. Statistics: Speakers: 9, Competitors: 40, Teams: 11, Projects: 11, Judges: 12, Winners: 3, Attendees: 200. Check the event Link
  • EED Preparations
    EED Team … Challenging the abnormal conditions and the time limitations before the EED. The EED team worked very hard to deliver the event in the best form possible.
  • EED 2015 … Visitors Registration web-portal is opened!


  • Choosing the Local IEEE Day-Egypt Section Ambassadors
  • EED, MIE, Future City event
    During the annual EED event, around 71 projects participated in the EED competition, 17 projects participated in the Made In Egypt Competition and 10 projects participated in the Future City competition. From all the participating teams, Seven Teams won in the EED competition and as for the MIE and Future City competitions, three teams in each were awarded the winning awards. The winning teams were announced during the closing ceremony of the EED event and were honored with the awards in the different Engineering fields. 

Statistics for the EED event:

EED Projects 71,  MIE Projects 17, Future City Projects 10, Total number of exhibitors 348,  Total number of Universities 27, Total number of Visitors 5000,  Total number of Sponsors 7,  Total number of Speakers 35, Total number of Group Visits 45,  Workshops 7.

  • IEEE YPMP…A New Program is now Live!
    The new program’s main objective is to induce the project management as a lifestyle for school as well as university students. This would help all participating entities well as the community in professionally managing their life, study, volunteer work, team, program and business by the end. In addition, the program is to initiate a project management office that would help any program lead/ manager to manage all the duties needed for his system.


  • IEEE CUSB – Vodafone (الحل بين ايديك)
    A three days event : 5th ,12th and 19th of Septemeber,2015

It was held at Cairo University Faculty of engineering. The first day was technical day, the second day was (ENTREPRENEURSHIP DAY”)and the third day was ( fruit day) which was a workshop day for all participants where they were divided into teams and asked to create an idea for a project useful for Vodafone. This was by the help of some Vodafone mentors.Check the event’s Link

  • IEEE CUSB – Checkmate RAS CUSC Opening Ceremony
    RAS CUSC Opening Ceremony, it included: Announcing the opening of the new chapter of robotics and automation society in Cairo University, Information about RAS & Requirements to join it. Check the event’s link


  • IEEE AlexSB – Interact with Toady’s World ITW’15
    ITW is the biggest mega event organized by IEEE AlexSB. It aims at introducing the latest technologies in the world, highlighting them and enabling you to interact with them in an intensive three – day – series of sessions and seminars about such technologies.
    This year, ITW’15 has presented for the first time, along with the regular sessions, a series of advanced sessions for graduates with deeper technicalities. In addition to an exhibition by multinational corporations, where some of the latest innovations were shown and the attendees got the chance to interact with today’s world for real. ITW’15 was held from September 19th till September 21st, 2015.


  • 2nd IEEE EMBS International Students Conference

Since 2013, EMBS Engineering in Medicine and Biomedical Section has organized a number of International Student Conferences (ISCs) all over the globe, including Canada, the United Kingdom, Egypt, Malaysia, and Chile.This year, the conference was held in Cairo University from 21-22nd October 2015. The conference aims to Provide undergraduate and postgraduate students with the opportunity to practice, first hand, the process of scientific research and publication; Boost leadership skills in students involved in the organization of the conference. For more information, check here

  • A Collaboration Between IEEE Egypt Section & Techne Summit

IEEE Egypt section is pleased to announce the recent collaboration with Techne Summit. Techne Summit’15 was held under a festive atmosphere at Bibliotheca Alexandrina, Alexandria, Egypt from 24th – 25th of October 2015. Techne summit created a platform for emerging start-ups and technology leaders from all over the globe to cooperate, connect and deliver their innovative businesses throughout the 2-days event.

  • IEEE Egypt Section – Vodafone Graduate Program
    As part of IEEE collaboration with Vodafone, IEEE Egypt Section announced that Vodafone Egypt is launching its elite graduate program – Discover, which is a highly distinguished fast track development program designed for future leading high potential fresh graduates. An event was hosted in the Vodafone premises on October 29th in Nosseir Halls – Smart Village from 10:00 am till 3:00 pm
  • IEEEXtreme 9.0 in co-operation with ITWorx “LCW – Learn Compete Win” and made “Code = Power” as the slogan for this year

This year, IEEEXtreme Egypt Section Ambassadors had a new idea. They made an event which is considered as organizing IEEEXtreme for all the egyptian teams in one place. They called this event: “LCW – Learn Compete Win” and made “Code = Power” as the slogan for this year. As a kind of collaboration, ITWORX has hosted LCW and provided competitors with needed meals and refreshments along the 24 hours of competition. ITWORX also guaranteed a very good internet connection with internet technical support during the 24 hours. Find more details , check here

  • IEEE Day – Egypt Section

. IEEE day Egypt Section Ambassadors and in cooperation with AAST Alex student branch announced that IEEE day 2015 to  be held in Alexandria on the 9th October, 2015. For more info, check this link

  • MIE Meets the Industry Trends
    The objective of the event aiming to providing undergraduate students with an opportunity to connect with the real-world by bridging the gap between the academic track and the industrial track and to help undergraduate students to pick a graduation project’s idea that meets the Egyptian market needs. The speakers in the event were MIE industrial partners that represent different enterprises and companies from different fields in the market. Each Speaker shared a set of topics that are recommended to be used in the graduation projects.
  • MIE’11 Call for Volunteers



  • The new IEEE Egypt Section Board first announcement 
  • MIE’11 … Are you ready!

For all seniors’16 who joined MIE competition season 11 with their graduation Projects which could be the next industrial Product, applicants picked any Industrial idea from MIE industrial partners or joined with their own idea to make a Prototype for a new product with the signature Made In Egypt.For more details about MIE industrial partners’ presentations and their areas of interests kindly follow the link

  • IEEE NU : ROV Competition Orientation Session

On the 2nd of November, IEEE NUSB hosted an orientation session on campus in order to announce the initiation of the team build for the ROV Competition. Eng. Mahmoud Abdelaziz (ROV Egypt Competition Representative) was invited to introduce the competition to the interested individuals and to explain the rules & regulations of the competition. Event Statistics: Around 30 students attended the orientation session