Winning the IEEE R8 Young Professionals Exceptional Volunteer Award

Dr. Ahmed Shalaby, EED 2015 chairman has won IEEE R8 Young Professionals Exceptional Volunteer award. After more than 10 years of volunteering in Alexandria University SB and different YP activities like EED and FC, this is indeed a well deserved award. The award was handed to  Prof. Dr. Samir Shaheen, the current IEEE Egypt Section chair on behalf of Dr. Shalaby during the 106th Region 8 annual meeting in Monaco held in March 2016.

Dr. Shaheen added that all the volunteers who participated deserve awards for their true belief in the importance of voluntary work to serve students and engineers and connecting with them to enhance creative thinking and projects’ development.

Moreover, IEEE YP chair, Hend Ismail,  commented that this award is for each volunteer who participated in different YP activities as we are all one team, who work hard  hand in hand to do our best and handover our work to others who’d  continue the great work.  Congratulations to all the volunteers in IEEE Egypt section for the well deserved award & for their efforts with many more to come in the next seasons.


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