EED News

The EED 2016 executive team will be led by Ahmed Raouf (EED 2016 Chair), Ahmed Shalaby (EED 2016 Past Chair) Ahmed Khairy (EED 2016 Vice Chair), Maysara Gamal (EED 2016 Vice Chair), Ahmad Abdelkader (EED 2016 secretary) and Mohamed Nabil . (EED 2016 Treasurer).This year we are celebrating a very special episode of EED. It’s the 15th year in row of continuous success. We are celebrating 15 years of the biggest Arabian gathering of Engineers in different fields in the Middle East. 15 years of creative contributions of ideas and projects for the Egyptian and Arabic society. 15 years of insistence from the IEEE volunteers to present this grand event in the best possible picture. 15 years of encouragement from the industry and scientific research pioneers for the participating ideas.
Stay tuned to know more of the event’s details and how you can be a part of it this year. The team leaders leading the operational/functional teams of EED this year were announced on  March 8th 2016. With great calibers and unstoppable enthusiasm this year matching the grand opportunities and challenges ahead ; the episode this year is going to be a very different one. Wishing the best of luck to all the team leaders and their teams into an outstanding episode.



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