Volunteers Leadership Training Program (VOLT)

Last year, the IEEE Volunteer Leadership Training Program (VOLT) was successfully implemented with volunteers across all the Regions of IEEE and targeted volunteers with a true desire to learn about the broader IEEE, participate in IEEE committees, and consider taking leadership positions within their units.

For 2015, the program will consist of two tracks.

Track 1: All IEEE volunteers are invited to participate in Track 1, which will cover key organizational units of IEEE and focus on the foundational knowledge of the organization. These prerequisite courses are available to all IEEE volunteers through the IEEE Center for Leadership Excellence (CLE) site.

Access Track 1 courses (Log in with your IEEE Account and choose the “Volunteer Leadership Training Pre-Requisite” category to begin)

Volunteers who complete these foundational courses in the CLE by 24 August can apply for consideration for Track 2 of the VOLT Program, scheduled to start in mid-September and end early December 2015.

The VOLT team is looking for 50 volunteers to participate in this year’s program.

Track 2 will focus on leadership related topics, and provide practical leadership experience volunteers can apply in their professional and personal environments. It is geared towards volunteers who have not been a Section Chair within their units, have at least two years of experience as IEEE volunteers, and meet the specified criteria.

Complete the Candidate Application Form

Application forms must be submitted by 4 September 2015.  The final selection will be completed and announced prior to the start of the program in early September 2015.

Email questions to Maria Schneider, MGA Program Manager at m.t.schneider@ieee.org


IEEE Upcoming Awards – Catch the deadlines!

Every year there are multiple awards given from IEEE to recognize the outstanding performance of its volunteers. Make sure to catch the deadlines.

1. Larry K. Wilson Regional Student Activities Award

The purpose of this award is to recognize, annually, in each Region of the IEEE, the Student member most responsible for an extraordinary accomplishment associated with Student Activities. More Details

2.  Mind The Gap:

Mind the gap (MtG) is a new contest presented by IEEE Region 8 SAC. The motivation behind this project is the continuous growth of the generational gap, caused by fast technical advancement.

To compete in “Mind the Gap!” a team of students is expected to come up with a project idea that brings younger and older generations both together, using technology to the advantage of humanity. More Details

3. IEEE MGA Awards

       a. MGA Larry K. Wilson Transnational Award

To recognize the accomplishment judged to be the most significant and effective in fulfilling one or more of the goals and strategic objectives of Member and Geographic Activities (MGA) as related to transnational activities. This award is made in memory of Dr. Larry K. Wilson. More Details

       b. MGA Innovation Award

This award is to recognize an individual or a team whose accomplishment/project is judged to be the most innovative and effective in fulfilling one or more of the goals of Member and Geographic Activities (MGA). More Details

       c. MGA Leadership Award

This award is to recognize those individuals who have exhibited exemplary and substantive leadership of an extraordinary nature in implementing activities that support the goals of Member and Geographic Activities (MGA) at the local, regional, national, and/or international level. More Details

       d. MGA Achievement Award

This award is to recognize individuals or a team involved with Member and Geographic Activities (MGA) and its organizational units for singular achievement in the development and completion of a project(s) or activity(ies) directed to the fulfillment of one or more of the MGA goals. More Details

      e. MGA Young Professionals Achievement Award

This award is to recognize those substantive projects or achievements of a relatively short nature (one to three years), but which have left an undeniable imprint on the fabric of IEEE Young Professionals operations. More Details

4. IEEE Educational Activities volunteer positions

The IEEE Educational Activities Board (EAB) Nominations and Appointments (N&A) Committee is soliciting nominations for 2016 EAB committee chair and committee member positions.

IEEE Egypt Section Technical Chapters

IEEE Egypt Section has about 14 technical chapters whose main function is holding annual or bi-annual conferences for engineering technical fields for postgraduate engineers to be updated with the latest engineering accomplishments and to publish papers to be judged by Egyptian and non-Egyptian juries. Moreover, organizing seminars & technical workshops.

Two of the most famous technical chapters in Egypt are Egypt Robotics and Automation Society Chapter (RAS) and Egypt Computer Society Chapter. IEEE RAS Egypt Chapter received the 2015 IEEE RAS Chapter of the Year award at ICRA conference 2015.

Moreover, there are technical chapters made in student branches for students to be aware of the rapid enhancements in the Engineering technical fields by holding seminars and workshops.

Some of the famous conferences held in Egypt:

2014 Sixteenth International Middle East Power Systems Conference (MEPCON)
2014 9th International Conference on Informatics and Systems (INFOS)
2014 15th International Workshop on Research and Education in Mechatronics (REM)
2015 Tenth International Conference on Computer Engineering & Systems (ICCES)
2015 IEEE Seventh International Conference on Intelligent Computing and Information Systems (ICICIS)
& More

Egypt Section Technical Chapters:-
Egypt Antennas and Propagation Society Chapter
Egypt Circuits and Systems Society Chapter
Egypt Communications Society Chapter
Egypt Computational Intelligence Society Chapter
Egypt Computer Society Chapter
Egypt Control Systems Society Chapter
Egypt Education Society Chapter
Egypt Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society Chapter
Egypt Industrial Electronics Society Chapter
Egypt Industry Applications Society Chapter
Egypt Joint Electron Devices/Microwave Theory and Techniques Society Chapter
Egypt Power Electronics Society Chapter
Egypt Robotics and Automation Society Chapter
Egypt Signal Processing Society Chapter

Student Branches Chapters :-
o Alexandria University
o Tanta University

o Alexandria University

o Alexandria University

Computer Society
o Cairo University

A word from IEEE Egypt Section Secretary

Dr. Ahmed Hassan, the current IEEE Egypt Section Secretary, has honored us with a speech for the new newsletter edition.

” Dear Friends,
I feel honored to have been selected by the board and the newsletter team to write this message on behalf of the board members. I would like to thank you all for your support to IEEE, Egypt section activities. With this first issue of the Egyptian section Newsletter, I hope you all enjoy reading the articles to have a full picture about the IEEE volunteer activities and achievements in Egypt. At the same time, I am inviting you to write your contributed articles and to send the news of your IEEE student branches, chapters and societies, awards and any related activities to the newsletter editor.
For the next years, I am sure that this Newsletter will play a critical role in presenting news and stories from every corner over IEEE, Egypt section. From facilitating exchange of information the section and region to capturing the history of technology as it happens. I believe that the newsletter will raise awareness of academia industry collaboration, research projects, social impact of projects and youth Employment. This will encourage joint efforts for Egypt development issues.
While we are expecting a special Egyptian Engineering Day in the following days, followed by several technical conferences at the end of this year, most of the chapters in the Egyptian section have elections for chairman, vice chairman and treasurer/secretary positions. I am inviting you to nominate yourself or a colleague, and to participate in the voting process positively. We are sure that new ideas and activities are coming out with new boards at the same time without sacrificing the sustainability of old activities, events and achievements.

We, the IEEE members, in Egypt are very proud of our student members and young professionals who are immersed in technical, scientific and social work that they get to participate in. Older members are very active and organize various conferences and events apart from doing research and contributing papers.
To help the entire IEEE community in Egypt section to achieve our technical and professional goals within the IEEE’s mission and vision, I would like to invite your suggestions and inputs to make IEEE Egypt section more relevant to its members and volunteers.
Let me close by offering my sincere thanks for everyone’s support during the past years in general and for person who contributed to this newsletter in particular.
Ahmed Hassan Yousef,
IEEE, Egypt section, Secretary.”

IEEE 2015 Awards & Nominations

IEEE Egypt Section student branches, counselors & chapters make tremendous efforts each year to maintain high quality  performance with the events & workshops held all over Egypt. Some of the awards and nominations won in 2015 are listed below.

1. IEEE Student Enterprise Award
The IEEE Student Enterprise Award provides financial help to Student members who are looking to implement an idea for a project. It enables IEEE Student members to work with others on an engineering project, while simultaneously strengthening Student Branch programs. More details

2015 Winners:-
· Benha University – Shoubra

benha shoubra

2. Chapter of the Year

The purpose is to encourage IEEE Robotics and Automation Society (RAS) Chapters to serve their members, and recognize the outstanding performance by an RAS Chapter in serving its members

2015 winners:-
· Egypt Robotics and Automation Society Chapter (RAS)


3. IEEE Regional Exemplary Student Branch Award

The purpose of this award is to provide public recognition of exemplary IEEE Student Branch operations. More details

2015 winners:-
· Misr University for Science and Technology SB (Egypt)

· Benha University (Shoubra) (Egypt)

benha shoubra

5. IEEE Outstanding Branch Counselor and Branch Chapter Advisor Award

Aware of the unusual and dedicated efforts of Student Branch Counselors and Branch Chapter Advisors, the Regional and Technical Activities Boards sponsor a cash award to each of the approximately 10 outstanding Counselors and Advisors around the world. More Details

2015 winners:-

• Mohamed Khairy – Cairo University Student Branch

Mohamed Khairy
• Tamer Moneir Mousa Nassef – Misr University for Science & Technology

Tamer Moneir Mousa Nassef

6. The Darrel Chong Student Activity Award

The purpose of this recognition system serves to change the mindset of our student groups from being number-driven to becoming value-driven and to acknowledge exemplary student activities around the world. More Details

2015 winners:-

· Helwan University – Silver Award

· Arab Acad for Science, Tech & Maritime Transport – Silver Award



All IEEE Student Branches and Branch chapters are eligible for the Student Branch Web Site contest. Each Student Branch may enter at most one Web site, regardless of the number of Branch chapters present. More Details

2015 winners:-

· 1st place: IEEE Alexandria Student Branch (Egypt Section) – Region 8
· 2nd place: IEEE Alexandria Student Branch (Egypt Section) – Worldwide

alex blue

IEEE Egypt Section Elections

As a part of the IEEE normal processes, the term of the current board of the IEEE, Egypt section is going to end at December 31st, 2015. During the coming months, elections will take place for most of the chapters as a part of these normal processes. Any active member in the chapter is eligible to nominate himself/herself and to vote in these elections.
We believe that having complete chapter structure according to the IEEE guidelines will be useful. The standard for the chapter is to have a chair, a vice chair, a treasurer and a secretary. In order to increase the volunteer base, It will be useful if the volunteer for one position does not have other volunteering position(s) within the IEEE, Egypt section.
The following time line is used for the elections:

· Nomination door opens 11th of August 2015
· No nominations are accepted after 18th of August at 11:59 PM
· The announcement of the accepted candidates and the start of the voting process will be on 23rd of August (further email will be sent with voters eligibility, ways of voting, etc..)

· Electronic elections will start on 25th of August till 28th of August

Should you have any inquiries, please send to the IEEE, Egypt section board at: Mohamed Khairy (mkhairy@ieee.org) or Ahmed Hassan (ahassan@eng.asu.edu.eg or ahassan@scu.eg)

*Previous chairs/volunteers are welcomed to participate in the elections committee.

IEEE Egypt Student Branches Events

Some of the major IEEE Egypt section Student Branches events will take place in the coming months.

1. ITW – 18th of September till 20th of September “IEEE Alexandria Student Branch”
ITW is an awareness conference that introduces unique content, achieves interaction & delivers a message through serving those who have the will.
For more details, please check the event page.

2. Code Bakers 2.0 – 22nd of August “Al-Azhar Student Branch”
Code Bakers 2.0 is an event dedicated for those interested in programming. The event teach you the basics of programming and how to be a professional programmer. The event can be a well-established training for those willing to enter IEEEXtreme programming competition.
For more details, please check the event page